Wedding Makeup

Wedding Makeup is important enough. And makeup for photography is a special type of art form. Wedding photography is even more critical when you factor in the longevity required. Your makeup needs to withstand a full day or emotions and celebration.
Wedding Makeup

Complexity of Complexion

For your photos to turn out properly, the makeup artist needs to understand color pallets and how they relate to your complexion, as well as what makeup works best with your skin type, and, how that makeup works under photography lighting. David has worked closely with two makeup artists for almost 10 years to provide you with a seamless experience. They have each done many weddings and have worked in television, so they understand the unique requirements of makeup for photography. They can provide makeup for your engagement photos, beauty portrait sitting, as well as your wedding. Hiring them can make a world of difference and can even save you money on retouching photos later. Both makeup artists are available for test sittings to determine your best colors for your complexion and hair color. And since they are very familiar with doing makeup for photography your photos will turn out exceptionally well.

One of David’s top choices for makeup is the Makeup Parlour in Yorba linda. However, it is imperative that the makeup artist you choose works well with your style and personality, so he does have others he can refer you to.